Since 2004, our company is specialized in corporate team building in Turkey. Based in Istanbul and New York City we are providing expert services in Team work, fun and motivational activities. With a professional and dedicated team and a great logistics store, we are the leader of the industry all over Turkey. You can see some of references here.

Some of our Teambuilding activities and team projects are listed below. We organize dozens of tailor made team events in Istanbul, Antalya and other cities of Turkey for companies from worldwide. Please send an email to for your corporate event inquiries in Turkey.

Teambuilding in Turkey, Istanbul

Outdoor Training

We invite you to our Outdoor Training games to explore the team spirit by retrieving your team from the intense and stressful work place. Those games are eligible for groups who don’t enjoy high adrenaline programs, have time limit, and need low budget. Games are ground-based, low obstacle course events, no special equipment needed, more for team building and corporate development. We introduce participants with
activities and games requiring serious problem solving. Whilst these activities and games provide planning, communication, use of sources, distribution of roles and responsibilities; their main purpose is to associate
the activity with the real life. With each outdoor activity designed specifically for your corporation, you will gain extra power by working as a
team in the competitive world of business. Outcomes, such as team building and trust building, are immediate and last a lifetime.

Team building in Turkey

Indoor Training

Combined Indoor Teambuilding is a great team building workshop consisting Ice-breakers + Desktop Projects + Indoor training + Trust building

Team building, developing communication skills, and finding new ways to
communicate, decision making skills, problem solving, trust building,
common goals, energizing, socializing, icebreaking, motivation, teamwork and fun.

Treasure hunt Istanbul

In this unique team building activity, we create small teams and support them to find the clues hidden around the historical & mystic places of Istanbul. With the help of the provided treasure hunt kit, teams will solve the cryptic clues and riddles to reach the great treasure.
What the big surprise is that, big treasures can be found by big teams only. So the treasure will not be found before the whole team comes together.
Inclusion list
· Our crew:
Our crew will perform the roles of spy and hunt masters. All equipped with radios and cell phones for guaranteed communication. All speak English
· A briefing in a mystic venue with tea and coffee service
Explanation and general information about the location and the hunt.
· Written materials such as:
Location map
Decoders and clues
· A hunt kit bag with:
A compass
A magnifier
A collapsible shovel (according to the location since it is not allowed to dig in historical places)

Paint Teams

In this great team building activity, the aim is to create a masterpiece from many separate toiles. Each teams or member of the teams will paint their own canvas which has a predrawn pattern of a professional artist.
The final masterpiece is huge and reflects the company’s values, logo, vision and any other message that the team wants to emphasize.
The final reward of this activity is a huge painting hanging on the wall of the company or factory.


Bicycle Dream

In this corporate social responsibility & Teambuilding combination activity, the teams are asked to mount bicycles with the given parts and equipment for children in need.
Each team will be given unmounted bicycle parts and a series of tools and materials, and they are expected to mount these bicycle parts together by using all the tools within limited time. Lack of some different tools in different teams will make sharing essential among the teams. At the end of the day, all bicycles will be donated to the children in need.

Best Movie Ever

We divide your big team into teams of 10-20 members.
We provide each team camera, lighting, decoration accessories, costumes and other stuff required to shoot a short movie. Team members will work at every stage of the movie production. These tasks involve acting, directing, screenwriting, sound, lighting, costume, make-up, installation, etc.
The team will decide about the screenwriting and finish it in 90 minutes. After rehearsals, another 90 minutes will be given to the teams for 5-7 minutes short movie-making. Time & source managements is a must.
The costumes of the teams will be themed as Ottoman Empire, Western, Stone Age, Cyber world and Today. Mostly the genre is comedy adverting the company values and the message of the senior executives.
Our professional editing staff will capture the videos and edit it for the night’s or the next day’s premiere. (optional Gala Night with Red Carpet)
With the voting ot the senior executives the best short film, best screenplay, best actor, best actress and many other Oscar awards will be nominated to the teams.


Civilization activity is an interactive art installation that lets participant teams construct cardboard replicas of buildings, cars, bridges and all others they dream. Company goals and vision will surely be evaluated by the teams.
Groups, such as conventiongoers, meeting attendees, or sales teams work with our professional facilitators as they build the oversize structures, using cardboard boxes and tapes, as well as some other supporting equipments to recreate iconic buildings and art installations.
After the building phase, big group photo will be final outcome of the event.

Percussion Workshop

Percussion workshop provides high impact teambuilding activitiy and icebreaker drumming sessions for your company. We use traditional instruments such as darbuka and def as well as marakas to illustrate the principles of group development and interactive teamwork.
We will empower your team by combining the communication skills with our teaching methodology. Our workshop’s duration is about 90 minutes.
*** We can also provide percussion instruments with your company logo and give them to your team as a gift at the end of the workshop with extra budget.

Sailing Teams

Much like the corporate work place, sailing is a complex environment with many individual tasks to completed at the same time to reach the overall team goal.
Whether racing or cruising, the primary goal is to benefit from the wind efficiently and reach the target as fast as possible without sheering the route.
•The sailing team’s success depends on each team member’s fulfillment of his/her responsibilities
•Sailing requires to do your best given the limited resources.
•Sailing requires one to get prepared for unexpected conditions just like business environment.
•The sailing team members should establish a high level of coordination among themselves.
•The personnel who succeed during the storm are of great value for the business world.

The Bridge

In this great teamwork, 2-3 teams with 15-30 participants in each, are asked to build a great wooden bridge to combine the two sides of the river symbolizing the company values and teamwork. Each team deals with building the a part of the bridge in coordination with other teams. When the teams can pass to the other side across the bridge the project is done.
Keys to success
•Open communication
•Team Spirit & Teamwork
•Strategic Planning
•Time management

Takım Ruhu, Motivasyon, Eğitim, Eğlence
Team building in Turkey

Roman Chariot

Each team will be supplied a wooden kit with materials to build their full-scale chariot.
Using an excellent communication, collaboration and creativity, all teams will need to use their project management skills and time management strategy to build their chariot. Each chariot is styled and decorated by the teams. Once the project is done, gladiator-themed parade and the slalom races will begin. We have a great lawn in our outdoor training center PARKUR, located in Beykoz, Istanbul. Team building in Turkey is a great experience in Parkur.

Quizz Show

Our Quiz Show format will have your guests participating in interactive quiz show based on famous television Game Shows supported with high-tech buzz pads.
Led by your enthusiastic event host, teams must score as many points as possible on each game show stage to earn as much poinst as possible.
The Activity
After the announcement, the first team pressing the buzz pad gets the right to choose the type and difficulty grade of the first question. If the team answer is right, they get the points, if not, new turn begins.
Not only our general culture, sports and music related questions, but also we can add your corporate questions related to your products and services to our quiz show database.
The show stage has TV lights, decorations and projections with great music and fun.

Picnic Games

We organize state of the art corporate picnics and picnic games in our own venue in Istanbul, Turkey.

Designed with the TeamPark concept, the PARKUR outdoor event venue was built on a total of 9000 Square meters of land for outdoor meetings, obstacle courses, team games, and picnic areas. We have 3000 people capacity for the festivals and concerts and 1000 people capacity for the picnic areas. Our obstacle courses are planned for 300 people to experience the activities simultaneously.

Team Projects

Teams will enjoy the extraordinary projects they should prepare in a specific time period outdoors.
Example Project :
• Catapult: A catapult is any one of a number of nonhandheld mechanical devices used to throw a projectile a great distance
without the aid of an explosive substance—particularly various types of ancient and medieval siege engines. In tis activity your
team members will design and build their own catapult and enjoy harmless throws.

Top Models

A teambuilding activity has never been such fun! Teams should design and create a very special fashion collection for their company and then present on the catwalk at the end of the day. The only problem is, the given materials are not so familiar with fashion industry!
Activity: The mission is clear; to perform a spectacular catwalk extravaganza with carefully selected music, each team presenting their own dress designs and one of the team members will be the model. To do this, they will be given a series of kitchen, office and construction industry materials, and within the required time period, teams should finish their work and get ready for the runway.
Lots of laughs, creativity, and some unique parallels with their own team and business challenges unfold with what is a clever real time project. The Fashion Fiasco concept will provide a different medium for the team to explore their own dynamics along with a variety of approaches for meeting customer needs.

Lego World

The team members are responsible for designing, building, and presenting the Lego handcrafts and robots competing against other teams. Each team is given points for their mission completed.
“The rules are that only LEGOs can be used for building the playing pieces. Through the project, teams explore an actual problem that today’s scientists, engineers and artists are trying to solve while developing an innovative solution to the problem and share their talent with others.

Raft building

Kon-Tiki is the raft used by Norwegian explorer and writer Thor Heyerdahl in his 1947 expedition across the Pacific Ocean from South America to the Polynesian islands. It was named after the Inca sun god, Viracocha, for whom “Kon-Tiki” was said to be an old name.
Kon-Tiki is also the name of the popular book that Heyerdahl wrote about his adventures. Our teams will chase this adventure by making their own raft with small teams of 4-6 participants.
The teams will then row to the target and will get the key to the victory!

Surrounded by 8000kms of beaches, team building in Turkey, especially in Istanbul is great with water activities.

Coctail Workshop

How to make the best mojito? Caipirihna? The Singapore Sling? And all other famous coctails…
We give you the chance to not only make your own cocktail creations but also drink them afterwards!
Have a lot of fun with your team whilst learning about and tasting some of the most famous cocktails on the planet. An expert barman will take you through a cocktail class explaining about the base spirits and mixers, along with a history of the popular cocktails.
Then very quickly, you’ll be mixing your own cocktails in small groups.
The class last for approximately 1hour + endless duration with fun

Turkish Traditional Arts

Our professional artists will support your teams to experience traditional Turkish Arts and handcrafts in groups or individually.
Each teams and participants will have chance to explore the technics of the artists they preserve for many centuries.
The hand crafted artworks will be delivered to each participant after drying process.

Dance Workshop

It doesn’t matter what your skill level is, the event is designed to build trust,
interaction, team spirit and most importantly FUN!
With the help of professional dancers you will choreograph, rehearse and perform your dance routine for the rest of your team and the judges. Points will be awarded for execution, enjoyment levels and overall performance.
Teams will be divided into 4 groups and each group will perform a separate dance category, selected among:
Salsa, Cha Cha, Samba, Tango, Paso Doble, Jive, Waltz, Flamenko, Latin, Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, Zumba, Bachata and etc.
Key themes: Fun and networking, communication, motivation, common purpose and focus, unity
Duration: 1-2 hours

 Chocolate Workshop

At how many degrees a couverture is melted?
How much chocolate is poured into which mold?
Which material and when can be added inside?
Who will make the most beautiful chocolate?
Come and join our journey through the magical world of chocolate.
Prepare delicious chocolates with your team and take them away for enjoying at home at the end of day.

Taste of Success

Leave aside the rope courses and outdoors, and meet the new trend in teamworks; Creative Cooking!
Companies are sending their employees to cut, to chop, and to roast for better team management. Food is the universal language and nothing else can cause to become closer to each other like creating a meal.
An extraordinary activity providing team members to pass from office environment to kitchen atmosphere: As a team, they will prepare a menu composed of dishes from world cuisine under the supervision of professional chefs. At the end of the day, they will serve their gourmet menu to their guests, who are actually their colleagues.
Key Themes:
·Teamwork and co-operation
·Fun and Motivation
·Team roles and Diversity
·Time and Project Management
·Lowering inhibitions

Simple Machines

A Rube Goldberg machine, contraption, invention, device, or apparatus is a deliberately over-engineered or overdone machine that performs a very simple task in a very complex fashion, usually including a chain reaction. The expression is named after American
cartoonist and inventor Rube Goldberg (1883–1970). Over the years, the expression has expanded to mean any confusing or complicated system. During this great teambuilding exercise, teams will be provided with many small and big toys, tools, papers, balls and anything that will work to build this fun machines. Teams can use any equipment they find in the venue as well.
We assure you, the result is a great fun!

Balloon World

This is an easy and fun team building activity that you can easily provide for your work place or corporate meetings where teams will design and build masterpiece artworks with balloons.
“The Balloon World” is a great energiser and designed to get people working together, networking and experiencing some good old competitiveness!
The activity can be called anything you want but in simple terms its know as ‘The Balloon World’
Our facilitators explain the rules of the game which are as follows:
•The time limit for the activity is 1 hour (-/+ 30 minutes)
•The installation and/or artwork must be free standing only
•Teams can only use the equipment provided and nothing else
•Teams will not steal from another teams!


Team building in Turkey

Follow the PARKUR link to see the website of our Outdoor Training Center and Event Venue in Istanbul. Parkur has a great infrastructure for teams up to 1000 people to accommodate. You have an option to host a unique experience for team building in Turkey and your corporate meetings.

Team building in Turkey

You can contact HTCEVENTS to customize your hospitality services and corporate team building in Turkey.